Friday, July 31, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

It's the last day of July already! Zachary and Lauren start school in two weeks. Z will be in 4th grade and L will make her school debut in kindergarten. Lauren was eager to buy school supplies so we rounded up pencils, crayons, glue sticks, and more at Wal-Mart today.

Here are some of the things we've packed into this summer so far:

* Zachary played baseball (and his team won the tournament in the 9-10 age group).
* Lauren and Zachary went to zoo camp and farm camp.
* We took a vacation to Hilton Head, SC, with stops in Asheville, NC, and Knoxville, TN.
* David and I took a long weekend trip to the Tampa/Clearwater area.
* We went to Muskegon, Michigan, for a weekend.
* Spent time at the lake (swimming, fishing, boating, fireworks on the 4th)
* Planted fruits and veggies in the garden
* Library trips
* Vacation Bible School
* Movies (Up, Harry Potter, G-Force)
* Zoo trips
* Tried out the new kayaks
* I started a new job as a nurse practitioner in pediatrics.
Here's hopin' we can pack in even more activities before the end of summer. Good thing I have Fridays off!