Thursday, January 31, 2008

The latest in balloon-wear...

...or a real-life Where's Waldo puzzle!
Zachary and Lauren are modeling the bunches of balloons Zachary received after he got his tonsils out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lines by Lauren & Zachary's Witticisms

Here are some fairly recent lines by Lauren:

  • One of Lauren's Veggie Tales CDs says, "Sing Hosanna to the King of Kings." According to Lauren, it is "Sing, Ho! Santa to the King of Kings."

  • An "E-dult" is a big person who is always bored.

  • Zachy, I'm going to do some teamwork for your birthday invitations.

  • Grandma, I didn't know that old people polished their toenails!

  • My teacher is rich. I heard her tell someone.

  • Pecan = a bird at the zoo, aka a toucan

  • Tic tattoo = a tattoo

  • Mama, will you be done with school in two weeks so we can go get a house with a basement?

  • Pinta butter = peanut butter

  • It's just you and me, Mama, and we're a good cooking team.

And here are some of Zachary's famous one-liners...

  • Evidence is a kind of clue (approx. age 2)

  • Zachary: Dora's coming on!
    Michelle: Again?
    Zachary: Don't be scared, Mommy, she won't hurt you! (age 2)

  • He [the misfit elf in Rudolph] doesn't fit in, but he fits through the window!

  • Cotton balls turn into cotton candy

  • Cordboy = Corduroy the Bear

  • While making brownies: Can we hatch the eggs now? (age 3)

  • I was volunteering in Zachary's 1st grade class last year and a classmate asked him what he should do with his completed poem on a bell shape. Zachary said, "Put it in your palm book." I asked what a palm book was. He said, "It's for these palms. It's a palm book!"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Barnes and "Oble" and Other Activities

Christmas Eve pajamas from Santa
A cute little dress Lauren got for Christmas

We thought maybe Zachary could use an outing last night so we went to the store that Lauren has always called "Barnes And Oble." :-) They each picked out a couple of books and CDs. Zachary's picks included a Pokemon book, a book about prehistoric life, and a Kidz Bop CD. Lauren chose a Littlest Pet Shop book, an American Girl/Coconut the Dog kids' cookbook, and a Hi-5 CD. They both love doing Mad Libs so we got a Valentine's Day version.

Zachary will probably go back to school tomorrow. He seems to be feeling pretty good after all of our activities today. We went to Walgreens, ate lunch at Culvers, addressed Valentines for Zachary and Lauren's upcoming school parties, and then Zachary finished his homework.

Lori, one of my MSN classmates, mentioned in the comment section that David and I didn't post any pictures of ourselves. We don't have many because we're usually the ones holding the camera, but I found some from Christmas!

Hope you're having a good day.
Love, David, Michelle, Zachary & Lauren

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Zachary's tonsils

...are gone! After many episodes of strep throat, the ENT doctor decided that taking out his tonsils and adenoids would be the best plan. We are on post-op day four, and he's doing well! He is eating and drinking well, which can be quite a challenge for kids after a "T & A." Apparently, Zachary is taking advantage of the situation to indulge in fried shrimp and butterscotch milkshakes from Culvers, as well as carry-out pizza! (The picture is from Christmas morning when Zachary was enjoying a sweet roll.)

Lauren had a great time at preschool Thursday. They had a camping day, and were allowed to bring sleeping bags, tents, and flashlights. They also wore their pajamas! Lauren told us over and over the night before how excited she was to have her camping day. She thought her good friend Jacia would wear "adorable jammies." The day lived up to her expectations because the first thing she said when she came home was, "I had a fun day!" She said they ate S'mores, hot dogs, and chips.

(This is Lauren's recent cake decorating debut!)

David is currently doing the elliptical machine after our very large breakfast at the Flat Top Grill this morning. For those who are not familiar with this restaurant, Flat Top is a place where you create your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The lunch and dinner options are stir-fry. For breakfast, you can have pancakes with various mix-ins, customized omelettes, french toast with toppings, etc. It is delicious!! (

I am currently procrastinating because setting up this new blog is much more exciting than studying! I have one more week of clinical hours at ENT and then I will do psychiatry. I will wrap up the semester with some more family practice hours. Graduation is May 3!!

Stay warm, everyone!
Love, David, Michelle, Zachary & Lauren
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