Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Breakfast casserole recipes, please!

Zachary's 9th birthday is coming up soon! We're planning on celebrating his birthday (and my dad's birthday) on February 7th. Since Zachary has an early-morning basketball game that day, we're planning to have family over after the game for brunch and cake...a perfect combo! I think a breakfast casserole would be easy to make for a crowd for brunch. Does anyone have any good recipes? If so, please leave your recipe in the comment section. Thanks in advance!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

I had an Internet-savvy music history professor in college who gave us an Internet-based assignment (waaaaay back in 1995). She actually gave us written instructions on how to use the Internet for the assignment because some of us had never even opened a web browser. Now, like countless other Internet addicts, I use it multiple times per day. In fact, I have come to realize that the Internet is a haven for procrastinators such as myself. The Internet has some very practical purposes but the entertainment value of the Internet ranks quite high in my book. (That said, all of those patients who read the Internet and come to me with notions that they have strange and unusual diseases need to quit surfing.) Following is a list of some of my favorite sites to visit. Enjoy these procrastination opportunities!

1. Cake Wrecks - The site's author describes it best: "When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong."

2. MyPoints - This site allows you to earn points that can be used toward a gazillion different gift certificates. I frequently get Barnes and Noble gift cards. You can get points by clicking on email links to various web sites or you can shop on the Internet to earn points. It is easy, doesn't take a lot of time, and doesn't lead to a bunch of spam.

3. Jay Leno's Headlines - Whether you watch The Tonight Show or not, this site is LOL-worthy. One misplaced letter can completely change the flavor of a newspaper headline!

4. Cupcakes Take the Cake - The cupcakes on this site are amazing. If you weren't a cupcake fan before, you will be. The site is updated almost every day with new pics and commentary.

5. People.com - Interesting if you follow celebrity gossip or want to know which celeb couple named their twins Garlic-Marie and Snowkapt Mountain.

6. Advance for Nurse Practitioners - I had to include a medical site since I spend 3 1/2 days a week immersed in medical issues (e.g. doing patients' exams, writing prescriptions, ordering labs and diagnostic tests, reviewing patients' labs and ultrasounds, yada yada yada). I use this site for news, continuing education credits, and occasionally random entertainment.

7. Amazon.com - This site has everything! It even has products you don't know you need but probably can't live without once you discover the existence of said products.

8. Barnes and Noble - This is my faaaaaaaavorite book and music store. (Not just because they sell Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake.) In fact, I have a Barnes and Noble package waiting for me on my front porch. The UPS truck just pulled away.

9. Facebook - Beware. This site is addicting. In addition to reading updates about people I knew back when we walked to school uphill both ways, I also spend way too much time playing Pathwords on the site.

10. Webkinz - I've mostly listed this site due to the frequency with which our household visits it. If you're not familiar with Webkinz, they are little stuffed animals that come with codes. You can use these codes to access your pet's online community. You can feed and clothe your pet, play about 30 different addicting "arcade" games, and decorate your pet's bedroom. You can also earn fake money (aka Kinz cash) to buy more food, clothes, and room decor. David says this site is just preparing children to become eBay and Amazon addicts. I know there are parents out there who are secretly playing Webkinz arcade games and feeding their children's virtual pets at night. :-)

These are only a small portion of the sites I visit frequently. I didn't even get to the individual blogs I scan daily. Does anyone else have a favorite site that is worthy of a daily visit?