Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last little bit of summer

Our latest news...
* Lauren is enjoying 1st grade at her new school. She is in a new Daisy Girl Scout troop, along with several other girls in her class. Lauren is playing soccer for the first time this year and will soon be enrolling in a dance class. She has done ballet and gymnastics for a couple years and would like to try a combo of ballet, jazz, and tap.
* Zachary is in 5th grade and is getting ready to start band. He has decided to play the trumpet! He is doing well in his 6th year of soccer. His favorite position is goalie and he and Lauren have spent hours practicing in our yard. He already knew a few kids in his class when he started at his new school so he has had a great start.
* We had some friends over from our old neighborhood this past weekend. Even though the air was a little chilly, we made good use of the pool, trampoline, and the badminton set. We cooked on the grill and David made some delicious beef brisket on the smoker!
* We got the sailboats, canoe, and paddleboat put away at the lake yesterday. The speedboat is still out so Zachary and his cousins took a few trips around the lake on the kneeboard.
* We have most of the house unpacked but there are still some boxes that have yet to make it to a permanent space. Our painting projects are much closer to completion. The remaining rooms are the guest bedroom and bathroom and another bedroom that we'll make into an office. We'll eventually get to the basement but that's not as high a priority!
* It looks like the constant raining of leaves from the woods into the pool may be our sign that pool season is coming to an end. I'm sure Z and L will be swimming as much as possible in the next couple weeks before we get the cover on!